• Mark replied to the topic Bugs and Suggestions in the forum About H+Connect 7 years ago

    I appreciate the effort to build something new. However I am going to be a critic here and say that this looks just like another Forum with a off-brand news feed plugin that tries to imitate Facebook while falling short of being a true social network. I don’t see anything real modern about this. As you may know, a H+ Forum was built around 2009-2010, but it was taken offline because it wasn’t used very much.

    I suggest *not* throwing WordPress plugins at the site and calling it modern. It really needs a thoughtful design which offers something truly new and useful, with a big-picture in mind. I really want something like this to succeed because it would be good for the community. But I don’t see it happening if the site is going to look the way it is now.

    Less forum categories would be helpful as well. It’s best to keep things simple (but useful) and gradually expand from there if there is demand for new features, and a userbase to take advantage of those features.

    • Mark, the goal with H+ Connect is not to break new ground in social networking technology, but simply to use current social networking technology to make a place for transhumanists to congregate online…

      Honestly, I think H+ Connect will stand or fall depending on how aggressively and effectively it’s marketed within the transhumanist community, rather than mainly depending on how wizzy/innovative it is in terms of social-networking software or UX design

      However, I am always open to creative suggestions, so if you have some constructive suggestion regarding what would be a much better approach I would love to hear it 😉

    • Hi, was this supposed to go in the comment thread or is this a reply to my activity feed? 😛

      I sent a message to David Wood about this. He didn’t reply nor did he apparently pass it on to anybody else or any shared H+ management group you might be on.

      Here it is:

      “Thank you for your interest in any ideas I might have.

      I think something with a great idea was tried with the Zero State organization some time ago. The group is still active, but it has became way too political and moved away from H+ ideals so I can no longer endorse Zero State, but it had a lot of good ideas.

      An idea like this is beyond the scope of a “mere” technical project like website but I think it’s a necessary pattern to achieve the goal you are looking for.

      The gist of it is that everybody participates in some way, and the key is to make it easy to participate. Here are some ideas that can give people more power to participate

      1) Even something as small as voting on an issue, or voting on someone’s idea/project to mark it as important.

      2) Having the ability to list your skills, expertise, and availability in a directory, for possible volunteer work or joining a H+ related startup. This should be done through a smart tagging system so robust search methods can be used.

      3) Project hosting: Anybody can start a project, which can be small like a personal side project, or big like an entire startup company.

      4) Funding: Projects can be crowd-funded or funded by a bigger organization such as H+ itself. Not sure how this would be enforceable or workable but Zero State had the idea of any projects that make money would give 10% of their revenue to Zero State in exchange for the startup help. That’s probably too much to ask from a real company so it could be negotiable.

      5) Some way of attracting a large user base will be necessary in addition to the above, I am just not sure what it is yet. Maybe the personal skills directory, if used enough with projects, will be enough. Zero State had a lot of interested people join but they were driven away by the politics (*cough* conspiracy theory nuts) and possibly the high complexity of the group (they were always shifting things around).

      These are all optional features but if H+ ever decides to go down this route, and for some reason one of the above ideas wouldn’t be workable, it’s good to come up with one or two other good ideas to replace it.

      For something like this to work, I would envision the site as being a central directory of all H+ related projects, big and small. It would have to be a place where all or almost all H+ related projects would be listed there, so it would have to be smoothly running.

      Obviously it’s not something that can just be put together in a short amount of time, but I think it is worth considering :-)”