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    Suppose we wanted to organise an online meeting for all Humanity+ members worldwide. Assume that we could somehow deal with the timezone issue, and we could identify (say) a 90 minute timeslot that would be OK for most of the members worldwide to connect into.

    What tool would be the best to host such a meeting?
    Is that the kind of functionality we could image H+ Connect meeting, or should we look to something different?

    Alternative options include, in broad terms:
    1.) 3D virtual reality tools, like Second Life, or newer alternatives
    2.) A video conferencing tool, like Google Hangouts or Spreecast
    3.) An established text conferencing tool, such as a subreddit.

    Of course, it all depends what we’d like to include in such a meeting. I have a combination of the following in mind:
    *) News from members and chapters around the world
    *) AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) sessions, answered by Board members or guest speakers
    *) Guest lectures on areas of new technology, social trends…
    *) Pitches from members seeking support for their projects
    *) Performances of “transhumanist music”, or other arts works

    Done well, the online event could help in all the following ways:
    *) Make participants feel inspired and positive about their membership of Humanity+
    *) Quickly and effectively share key ideas and updates from the Humanity+ world
    *) Generate insight and support to improve Humanity+ projects
    *) Demonstrate that Humanity+ “practices what it preaches” by mastery of new technology
    *) Reaffirm the global, all-inclusive nature of the Humanity+ organisation
    *) Make the various chapters (both official and unofficial) feel part of a larger whole
    *) Encourage people to become a Full (paying) member of Humanity+ (in order to attend)
    *) Build a sense of momentum for the Humanity+ organisation.

    But this all depends on us identifying a tool that would be fit for purpose. What would people recommend?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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