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I appreciate the effort to build something new. However I am going to be a critic here and say that this looks just like another Forum with a off-brand news feed plugin that tries to imitate Facebook while falling short of being a true social network. I don’t see anything real modern about this. As you may know, a H+ Forum was built around 2009-2010, but it was taken offline because it wasn’t used very much.

I suggest *not* throwing WordPress plugins at the site and calling it modern. It really needs a thoughtful design which offers something truly new and useful, with a big-picture in mind. I really want something like this to succeed because it would be good for the community. But I don’t see it happening if the site is going to look the way it is now.

Less forum categories would be helpful as well. It’s best to keep things simple (but useful) and gradually expand from there if there is demand for new features, and a userbase to take advantage of those features.