Join the H+ Connect Group for Your Local Humanity+ Chapter (Or Start a New One)

Check out the list of chapters below, and join the H+ Connect group for your own local Humanity+ chapter.

If there’s no Humanity+ chapter where you live, don’t despair — you can still join the H+ Connect group for your country or local area, and get to know nearby folks with similar interests that way.  Or if you have an organizational streak, you may want to consider creating a new chapter in your area, to facilitate interacting with fellow future-oriented people face-to-face.  In that case, please click on our Chapter Registration Application and tell us a bit about yourself.   There are many possible activities for local groups, from purely social gatherings to study groups and speaker series.


Country City Status Chapter
Australia Chapter Humanity+ Australia
Austria Organizing Austrian Transhumanist Association
Belgium Brussels Organizing HEALES : the Healthy Life Extension Society
Belgium Brussels Organizing Brussels Transhumanist Association
Canada Toronto Chapter Toronto Transhumanist Association
Canada Vancouver Organizing Vancouver Transhumanism
China Chapter Chinese Transhumanist Network
Croatia Organizing Croatian Transhumanist Association
Denmark Organizing h+ Denmark
Finland Helsinki Chapter Suomen Transhumanistiliitto
France Paris Chapter Technoprog!
Germany Berlin Chapter DeTrans – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transhumanismus
Israel Chapter Transhumanistim Israelim and Singulariut
Israel Organizing Haarachat Haim
Italy Milan Chapter Associazione Italiana Transumanisti
Italy Rome Chapter Network dei Transumanisti Italiani
Japan Tokyo/Chiba Organizing Japanese Transhumanist Association
Kosovo Prishtina Organizing Transhumanizmi
Latin America Organizing Asociación Transhumanista
Netherlands Organizing
Norway Oslo Chapter
Portugal Chapter Humanity+ Portugal
Russia Moscow Chapter Russian Transhumanist Movement
Second Life Extropia Core Chapter SL-Transhumanists
Slovenia Ljubljana Chapter Slovenian Transhumanist Association
South Africa Organizing South African Transhumanists
Sweden Chapter Människa+
UK London Chapter UK Transhumanist Association
USA Austin TX Organizing Austin Intelligentsia
USA Chicago IL Chapter Chicago Transhumanist Association
USA Hartford CT Organizing H+ Hartford
USA Honolulu HI Chapter Hawaiian Transhumanist Group
USA Ithaca NY Chapter Cornell Transhumanist Society
USA Las Vegas NV Organizing HumanityPlus Las Vegas
USA Los Angeles CA Organizing Los Angeles Transhumanists
USA New York City NY Chapter New York Transhumanist Association
USA Philadelphia Chapter Philly Futurists
USA San Diego CA Organizing Humanity+ San Diego
USA San Jose CA Organizing Silicon Valley Transhumanist Assoc. Meetup
USA Seattle WA Chapter Seattle Transhumanist Discussion Group
USA Stanford CA Chapter Stanford Transhumanist Association
USA Tampa FL Chapter Florida Transhumanist Association
USA Tempe AZ Organizing Life Extension Club
USA Tucson AZ Organizing H+ Tucson
USA Washington DC Chapter Washington DC Transhumanists